We are pleased you have chosen to participate in our program. Please read on for basic information about what our program entails. For more detailed information, please go to our Provider Information page.


To obtain your NTQR credentials, the following steps are required:

Step 1: Register and pay registration and training fee

Based on answers you provide to a series of questions during registration, you will be placed in one of the following tracks:

  • I. Track A: Standard - Educational Course, Exam and Image Submission ($350 for doctors, $275 for sonographers) This option is geared toward providers who have had little or no prior NT training. This track provides access to course materials and requires that providers pass an online exam and submit at least 5 images for review by Quality Review personnel.

  • II. Track B: Previously Trained - Exam and Image Submission Only ($200) This option is geared toward providers who have prior NT training (e.g., took an equivalent course) but have not participated in an ongoing quality review program. Verification of previous NT training is required. Providers must pass the online exam and submit images for review. Course materials will only be available after the exam has been passed.

  • III. Track C: Currently Credentialed - Exam and Image Submission Waived ($50) This option is offered to providers who are previously credentialed by FMF, BUN, FASTER, or Lenetix. Providers who qualify for this track are not required to take the exam or submit images for Quality Review. The majority of providers currently credentialed are on file at NTQR. In the event that a provider is credentialed and not on file, verification of credentials will be required.
Step 2: View online course (if applicable)

Step 3: Pass exam (if applicable)

Step 4: Submit images for quality review (if applicable)


Once you have obtained your NTQR credentials, you are required to comply with the following items to remain in good standing with the NTQR Program.

Step 1: Pay participation fee

Credentialed Physicians will be required to pay a flat yearly participation fee of $150.
Credentialed Sonographers will be required to pay the same yearly fee of $35.00.

Step 2: Send NT data to a participating laboratory for data monitoring

Step 3: Review quarterly NTQR data monitoring reports and comply with requested actions if measurements fall out of range

Step 4: Submit additional images, if chosen as part of yearly random review