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  American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine

Oversight Committee

Members of the NT Oversight Committee during the NTQR Formation Period

ALFRED Z. ABUHAMAD, M.D. Eastern Virginia University Medical School, President PQF
BERYL BENACERRAF, M.D. Harvard Medical School, AIUM
JOHN MICHAEL BENSON, M.D. Hancock County Radiology Association, ACR
RICHARD L. BERKOWITZ, M.D. Columbia University Medical Center
RENEE CHARD, M.Sc., CGC Maine Medical Center, NSGC
STEPHEN CHASEN, M.D. Cornell University
JOSHUA COPEL, M.D. Yale University School of Medicine, SMFM
HOWARD CUCKLE, Ph.D. School of Medicine, University of Leeds
MARY E. D'ALTON, M.D. Columbia University Medical Center
RICHARD DEPP, M.D. Drexel University
GREGGORY DEVORE, M.D. Fetal Diagnostic Center of Pasadena
MARK EVANS, M.D. Comprehensive Genetics
JAMES D. GOLDBERG, M.D. San Francisco Perinatal Associates
ANTHONY JOHNSON, D.O. Texas Children’s Center, ACOOG
THOMAS J. MUSCI, M.D. San Francisco Perinatal Associates, ACOG
DANIEL F. O' KEEFFE, M.D. Phoenix Perinatal Associates
ANTHONY SWARTZ, RDMS WakeMed Health and Hospital, SDMS
ROGER NEWMAN, M.D. Medical University of South Carolina
LAWRENCE D. PLATT, M.D. David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
RONALD J. WAPNER, M.D. Columbia University Medical Center
STEVE WARSOF, M.D. Eastern Virginia Medical School
GREGORY J TOLAND, M.S. Project Manager, NTQR
JEAN LEA SPITZ, M.P.H., RDMS Program Director, NTQR
Official organizational representatives are shown in bold italics.