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The NTQR program debuted on February 9, 2005 and since then we have seen a fantastic response. Currently, there are 9845 participants that have registered on-line. Signing up takes only a few minutes.
Interpreting Your Epidemiologic Reports
Welcome to this brief program from NTQR that's been designed to help you interpret your epidemiologic monitoring report so that you can produce the most accurate Nuchal Translucency measurements. Aside from the navigational pages the program will stop for you to review the content at the conclusion of most pages.
NTQR Statement on Automated Nuchal Translucency (NT) Technology!
Appropriate education, NT credentialed physicians and sonographers, adequate equipment and counseling resources are essential for practices offering first trimester risk assessment including the nuchal translucency measurement.
NEW: Upload Your Own Data!
NT Credentialed Providers now have the ability to upload their own data when the patient’s CRL/NT is not sent to a Participating Laboratory or to assure NTQR receipt of data. Upon logging in to your account click on Data Submission under Performance Improvement from the main menu. You can upload an ASCII (text) or Microsoft Excel file or simply enter one record at a time.
What are the Benefits of Participating in NTQR?
The importance of accuracy and quality monitoring for first trimester risk assessment providers is well established in the literature. However, you may be looking to make the case for why you and / or your practice should participate with the NTQR. We have composed a list of highlights for those Providers seeking initial credential and for those Providers already credentialed.
    Providers Seeking Initial Credential:
  • Both online and land-based courses are available
  • Online courses are specifically targeted to sonographers or physicians
  • Web-based examinations specific to sonographers and physicians
    Providers Already Credentialed:
  • Both Monitoring for quality is done by statistical review of measurements, with image submission required only if remediation is necessary
  • Statistical reports are provided 3-4 times per year, with data sorted by physician-sonographer pairs

E-mail support@perinatalquality.org with any questions you may have.

Nuchal Translucency and Nasal Bone Available from NTQR
The Maternal Fetal Medicine Foundation Nuchal Translucency Quality Review Program is pleased to offer an educational program in nasal bone imaging to participants credentialed by NTQR in nuchal translucency. The educational program will consist of documentation of didactic education in nasal bone and submission and review of five images. We believe this education is adequate to submit nasal bone images as part of a risk assessment program. You may log in to your account to begin the Nasal Bone process. Similar to NT credentialing we do honor FMF nasal bone certification. E-mail support@perinatalquality.org with any questions you may have.
Patient Information Video
(Spanish Version)
Welcome to the Winter 2019 edition of The Examiner. The Maternal Fetal Medicine Foundation (MFMF) was formed in 2005 and in turn instituted the Nuchal Translucency Quality Review (NTQR). Effective January 1, 2012 the MFMF became the Perinatal Quality Foundation (perinatalquality.org). The NTQR program (ntqr.perinatalquality.org) will not change and will be joined by other initiatives. The Examiner will continue to focus on first trimester risk assessment and the NTQR program but will also include items of interest related to new developments in obstetrical care.
06/18/2011: Interpreting Your Epidemiologic Reports
07/23/2010: The Web Calculator is now available! Logging into your NTQR account required

02/11/2010: The NTQR Operational Guidelines document details the goals and structure of the NTQR program and its rules, requirements, and procedures.
05/01/2008: PQF Guidelines: NTQR Credentialing for Physicians
05/01/2008: PQF Guidelines: NTQR Credentialing for Sonographers
04/23/2008: Read about the New Sonographer Participation Fee outlined in the document that was E-mailed to all active Sonographers on April 23, 2008.

Course 42nd Annual Advanced OB-GYN Ultrasound Seminar
Nuchal Translucency Education & Quality Monitoring Program
Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts
Lake Buena Vista, FL
February 20 - 23, 2019

Anyone who attended one of these classes may register for our program using a special Promo Code to receive a discount price. Contact support@perinatalquality.org to receive the Promo Code for your class.

1) Educate providers on how to obtain reproducible nuchal translucency
2) Provide a method to evaluate and track provider proficiency
3) Provide on-going nuchal translucency quality review

Developed by our Oversight Committee and supported by the following organizations.
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